Our business is built around making sure we can create a one-of-a-kind product that meets your exact needs. We have user-friendly, ergonomic designs with bullnose edges and leveling feet.  All our wall cases are stainless steel, with the option of customized locks. Every piece of ancillary equipment is custom-made and approved by you.

Stainless Steel Wall Cabinets Features

We provide options such as stainless steel overhead cases and 12x24 stainless steel wall shelves. They come complete with a flush front construction, with intersections of vertical and horizontal case members in the same plane and no overlap. The openings are rabbeted on all four sides for both hinged and sliding doors to provide a dust-resistant case; the service access panels are easily removed from the back panels.

Customizable Stainless Steel Overhead Cases:

  • Open Cases
  • Swinging Solid-Door Cases
  • Framed Glass Swinging Door Cases
  • Swinging Double Door Cases
  • Sliding Door Cases
  • Corner Swinging Door Cases
Please contact us for a customized solution or for more information.