Bandy Incorporated is the ideal partner to help you create steel cabinets that fit your specific requirements and needs. We provide products for a variety of industries from laboratory research to biotech. Whether conducting research or running a production environment, durability and cleanliness are key.

Our stainless steel base cabinets are corrosion risistant and resist moisture, are easily sanitized, and hold up to even the most brutal impact and abuse. We make it simple for you to design, install, and customize, making the process as simple and effortless as possible.

Industries Using Steel Cabinets

Our products are a necessity in many different industries due to their many benefits. Some of the industries using these cabinets include:

  • Laboratories for medical research
  • Electrical industries
  • Biotech industries
  • Hospital Storage Cabinets

Unique features of our steel cabinets are:

  •  4”H x 3”D toe space
  • A flush front construction with intersection of vertical and horizontal case members in the same place with no overlap
  • Openings that are rabbeted on all four sides for both hinged and sliding doors to provide a dust resistant case
  • Service access panels which are easily removed from back panels
  • Utilization of stainless steel 304 and 316 alloy – 304 is standard surgical grade, 316 is marine grade stainless steel, both non-magnetic
  • Corrosion resistant steel cabinets
  • Corners fitted with a heavy gauge gusset for leveling